Complete Design and Project Management Service

The brief for the refurbishment of this Georgian townhouse was to create a fun and colourful scheme for a young family and maximize the feeling of space and light in this townhouse.

Helen Stanwell managed the entire design and refurbishment process. An audio visual consultant was engaged and specialist suppliers were used for the bespoke elements of this project such as the stair carpet.

FTH0 FTH1 FTH3 FTH4 FTH5nexttoFTH6_done FTH7 FTH8 FTH10nexttoFTH9_done FTH11 FTH13 FTH14 FTH15 FTH17 FTH19nexttoFTH18_done FTH20 FTH21 FTH22 FTH24nexttoFTH23_done